Chick-fil-A Breakfast Allergen Menu

Welcome to the Chick-fil-A Breakfast Allergen Menu; we want everyone to enjoy our yummy breakfast, even if you have special food needs. If you’re worried about peanut oil allergies, don’t worry – we’ve got you covered. Our breakfast menu is made for everyone, and we share all the essential info about allergens in our Chick-fil-A Breakfast Allergy Info. So, you can enjoy your meal without any problems. Join us for a tasty breakfast where everyone is welcome, especially if you must be careful about allergens.

At Chick-fil-A, breakfast is a happy time; we want everyone to enjoy it. If you need to avoid peanut oil, that’s okay – our Chick-fil-A Breakfast menu is just for you. We know it’s important to be clear about what’s in our food, so we give you all the info you need in our Chick-fil-A Breakfast Allergy Info. You can enjoy our tasty breakfast without any worries. Come and have a delicious breakfast with us that tastes good and takes care of you. Everyone is invited to Chick-fil-A Breakfast.

Chick-fil-A Breakfast Allergen Information 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Due to shared cooking and preparation areas, completely allergen-free options are not guaranteed. However, we offer several items with limited allergens.

Absolutely, Our team members are happy to help you modify your order. Feel free to ask about ingredients and substitutions.

Our Hash Browns, Fruit Cup, Yogurt Parfait, and Oatmeal are egg-free.

Due to shared equipment, we cannot guarantee any menu item is completely nut-free. However, our Fruit Cup and Oatmeal (without added nuts) are naturally nut-free.

Your Safety, Our Promise

At Chick-fil-A, keeping you safe and happy is super important to us. We promise to always give you the right info about allergens in our breakfast items so you can enjoy them worry-free. Your thoughts matter; we’d love to hear what you think. Feel free to share any ideas or suggestions. Thanks for choosing Chick-fil-A – we’re here to make sure you have a great time every time.

@mymeal.foodallergy Ordering chick fil a with my celiac disease! Note: I understand the marinade maybe used to have gluten in it but the grilled nuggets are completely safe. I have read the ingredient list multiple times on the website and always check with the restaurant. #glutenfreefood #celiacdisease #foodallergyresources ♬ original sound – MyMeal – Kayla 👑

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