Chick-fil-A Kids Meal Allergen Menu

Welcome to the Chick-fil-A kids meal allergen menu; we love making yummy meals for your family. Our special Chick-fil-A kids’ meals are not just tasty, but we also made a list called the Chick-fil-A Kids Meal Allergen Menu. It’s like a helpful guide for choosing the best meal for your little ones, making sure it’s yummy and safe.

We know parents want to know what’s in their kid’s meals. So, we made the Chick-fil-A Kids Meal Allergen Information, a guide to help you choose wisely. Whether your kiddo likes Chick-fil-A Nuggets or Chick-n-Strips, you can order without worries, knowing it’s a safe and tasty choice at Chick-fil-A.

Chick-fil-A Kids Meal Allergen Information

Chick-fil-A Kids Meal ItemsEggMilkWheatSoy
2 Chick-n-Strips Kid’s Meal
5 Grilled Nuggets Kid’s Meal
5 Nuggets Kid’s Meal
Chick-fil-A Kids Meal Allergen Menu Information Table

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

While we don’t have dedicated “allergy-friendly” kids meals, several options can be customized to accommodate various dietary needs.

The safest choices for peanut allergies include the Grilled Nuggets Kids Meal (5-count) with Waffle Potato Fries and Fruit Cup. Remember to inform your server about the allergy so they can take extra precautions to avoid cross-contamination.

The Grilled Nuggets Kids Meal (5-count) without the Chick-fil-A Sauce and a Fruit Cup are naturally dairy-free. You can also request dairy-free options for sides like the Waffle Potato Fries and Side Salad.

Chick-fil-A offers various options for allergies, like egg, soy, and tree nuts. Refer to the allergen menu resources and consult your server for substitutions and modifications.

Your Safety, Our Promise

At Chick-fil-A, we care about keeping you safe and happy, especially regarding our kids’ meals. We promise to always give you the correct info about allergens so you can enjoy your food without any worries. Your thoughts are super important to us, and we’d love to hear your thoughts and any ideas you have.

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