Chick-fil-A Sides Nutrition Info

Welcome to Chick-fil-A Sides Menu Nutrition; we want you to know what’s in our food so you can pick what’s best for you. Today, we’re talking about the good ingredients on our sides, like fries and salads. We like being honest about what goes into our food so you can feel good about your choices.

Let’s talk about the yummy Chick-fil-A nuggets and wraps. We know it’s important to know what’s in your food. So, we’re sharing info about the calories, protein, and more in our nuggets and wraps. You can enjoy our tasty food and feel happy knowing you’re making good choices. Explore the delicious world of Chick-fil-A sides where deliciousness and healthy decisions come together.

Chick-fil-A Sides Nutrition Information

SidesCaloriesServing SIze(g)Fat (g)Sat. Fat (g)Cholesterol (mg)Trans Fat (g)Sodium (mg)Carbohydrates (g)Fiber (g)Sugar (g)Protein (g)
Chick-fil-A Waffle Potato Fries4201252440024045515
Fruit Cup7012500000162121
Side Salad53016647835073016558
Mac & Cheese45022729167001190283320
Chicken Noodle Soup170233413001220251110
Chicken Tortilla Soup34026911350010703817424
Kale Crunch Side170112121.50025013484
Greek Yogurt Parfait27022685200753612714
Waffle Potato Chips22043133.50025025203
Buddy Fruits Apple Sauce45900000012180

Chick-fil-A Sides Nutrition PDF

Learn about Chick-fil-A’s tasty sides with our easy Side Nutrition PDF. This simple PDF has calories, protein, and more information to make healthier choices. Download it now to see the details and make your meals better. Remember to check the Side Nutrition PDF for more about your favorite items. Your tasty and healthy choices are just a download away.

You can get the Nutrition PDF here: Sides Nutrition PDF.

Healthy Eating Tips

When you want to eat healthier at Chick-fil-A, consider the sides you choose. Some sides have more calories and fat, but there are still ways to have a balanced meal. Here are some simple tips:

  • Grilled Nuggets: Pick the grilled chicken nuggets instead of the fried ones. They have less fat.
  • Superfood Salad: Try the Superfood Salad for lots of good stuff like vitamins and antioxidants.
  • Fruit Cup: Choose a fruit cup instead of regular fries for a tasty and healthy option.
  • Side Salad: Add a side salad to your meal. It has lots of veggies and fiber.
  • Waffle Potato Fries (small): If you want fries, go for the small size. It’s better for you.
  • Greek Yogurt Parfait: Treat yourself to a Greek Yogurt Parfait for a yummy and protein-packed dessert.

By picking these options, you can have a meal that’s good for you at Chick-fil-A.

Special Considerations

We have yummy sides for everyone, even if you have food allergies. We want you to be happy and safe, so we also made a special side allergen menu for allergies. At Chick-fil-A, everyone can enjoy tasty and safe sides that are just right for them. 

Chick-fil-A Sides Nutrition Facts


  • The sides have different calorie amounts. For example, a Side Salad has 53 calories, while a Superfood Salad with Grilled Chicken has 680 calories.
  • Most sides have between 200 to 450 calories, so you can choose based on your appetite and diet goals.

Fat and Sodium

  • Some sides, like Waffle Potato Fries, Mac & Cheese, and Chicken Tortilla Soup, have more fat and sodium (380-490 mg sodium and 190-270 mg fat per serving).
  • Others like Fruit Cup, Side Salad, and Kale Crunch Side have less fat and sodium (120-170 mg sodium and 5-18 mg fat per serving).

Fiber and Protein

  • Sides like Kale Crunch Side, Mac & Cheese, and Chicken Noodle Soup are good sources of fiber (6-13 grams per serving).
  • Mac & Cheese has the most protein at 30 grams per serving, while Waffle Potato Fries and Fruit Cup have less (2-3 grams per serving).


  • Watch out for added sugars in sauces and dressings. Truett’s House Dressing has 18 grams of sugar per serving. Choose lighter options like Zesty Apple Cider Vinaigrette (5 grams) or Light Italian Dressing (1 gram).

Other Options

  • If you want a protein-rich snack, consider the Greek Yogurt Parfait, which has 20 grams of protein and 270 calories.
  • Buddy Fruits® Apple Sauce is a sweet and easy-to-carry option with only 45 calories per container.


At Chick-fil-A, we want you to enjoy and feel good about our tasty sides. We shared all the info about them, so you know your choice. Any questions or concerns? Just ask us; we’re here for you.

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